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  • What do I get?
    Easy-to-follow PDF, with a range of exercises to suit the beginner, intermediate and advanced athlete. Each exercise is linked to a video that demonstrates the exercise. This will enable you to use proper technique so that you can get the best results and avoid injury. Minimal equipment needed - Most exercises are bodyweight only and can be performed at home or in a basic playground. Some variations utilise the use of an exercise band, backpack, or DIY home exercise device. This program can be used from months to years given the amount of exercise variation and training volume modifications that can be selected. It is a very reusable program designed for long-term success. Visually track your progress with our Training Log Sheet, where you can record your reps and sets for each exercise, as well as record any technique notes as you progress.
  • Refunds Policy
    All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges of our PDF files. Shift Ready is always seeking to improve our products. Therefore, at some stage we may release newer and improved versions of our programs. Purchasing a prior version of the program does not result in receiving a newer version. This requires an additional purchase.
  • How long does the program go for?
    As long as you are making gains in strength and progressing through the exercises you can continue following the program. In my opinion, mastering bodyweight exercise is the best precursor to other styles of strength training. The coordination, control and strength that you can gain from bodyweight training will carry over to almost all sports or weightlifting endeavours. When you have mastered all the progressions or feel that you are ready to move on to something different, I recommend checking out my gym-based program (COMING SOON) to help you progress even further in your health and fitness goals.
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