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Shift Ready is a training program specifically designed for police officers. It factors in busy schedules and the complications that arise from shift work. The program requires no fancy equipment and is catered to any fitness level so it can be used by anyone, in any location.

The author, Jesse Barnard, is a personal trainer with years of law enforcement experience.  Jesse thoroughly understands the intricate details of policing, and the challenges it presents in maintaining your health and fitness. As a police officer it is not always possible to have access to a gym, nor is it always possible to keep the same weekly schedule. When you do train you need workouts that are going to give you the most "bang for your buck". This program will take the guess work out of training, and guide you through the unpredictable weeks to keep you on track and SHIFT READY!

SHIFT READY: Law Enforcement Bodyweight Training Program

$87.00 Regular Price
$43.50Sale Price
    • Easy-to-follow PDF, with a range of exercises to suit the beginner, intermediate and advanced athlete.
    • Each exercise is linked to a video that demonstrates the exercise. This will enable you to use proper technique so that you can get the best results and avoid injury.
    • Minimal equipment needed - Most exercises are bodyweight only and can be performed at home or in a basic playground. Some variations utilise the use of an exercise band, backpack, or DIY home exercise device.
    • This program can be used from months to years given the amount of exercise variation and training volume modifications that can be selected. It is a very reusable program designed for long-term success.
    • Visually track your progress with our Training Log Sheet, where you can record your reps and sets for each exercise, as well as record any technique notes as you progress.
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