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Get Ready.
Stay Ready. 

A comprehensive law enforcement fitness program built by those who understand the grind.

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Law Enforcement Bodyweight Training Program. Police Fitness Program.
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Rethinking Fitness For Law-Enforcement

Fit Police Officer. Strong Police Officer.

Don't let the standard be your standard.

Shift Ready is a specialised training program designed exclusively for law enforcement personnel. It factors in busy schedules and the unique challenges of shift work.

Unlike other generic programs, Shift Ready has been designed by an individual with extensive experience in both the fitness industry and law enforcement. This allows the program to address the specific intricacies of policing and the difficulties that arise from demanding work conditions.

This program will take the guess work out of training, and guide you through the unpredictable weeks to keep you on track and SHIFT READY!




Easy-to-follow PDF, with a range of exercises to suit the beginner, intermediate and advanced athlete. Each exercise is linked to a video that demonstrates the exercise. This will enable you to utilise proper technique, so that you can achieve optimal results and prevent injury.


The duration of this program can range from several months to years, and it has been created to promote long-term success through its diverse range of exercise progressions and training volume adjustments.

Track your Progress

Visually track your progress with the 'Training Log', where you can record your reps and sets for each exercise, along with any technique notes as you progress. Join a community of like-minded individuals and track your journey together.


"I'm a shift-worker and I work long hours"

As a police officer, it is not always possible to maintain a consistent weekly schedule. This program is designed to be highly adaptable and can be customised to meet the unique scheduling needs of each individual. The user has the flexibility to choose from a range of training volumes, based on their desired training frequency and fitness goals.

Let's Cut To The Chase

Police Fitness Program. Law Enforcement Fitness Program.
Police Personal Training. Police Physical Training.


"My body is showing some signs of wear and tear"

The program prioritises longevity and injury prevention as its foremost objectives, while simultaneously enhancing the user's muscular strength, power, and size, as well as co-ordination, speed and mobility.


"I don't have a lot of time or access to a gym"

The Shift Ready bodyweight program requires no fancy equipment, so it can be completed anywhere! The workouts are time efficient and packed with exercises that give you the most "bang for your buck". In other words, these exercises are highly efficient and effective in producing results.


"I'm not sure where to start"

The Shift Ready program caters to any fitness level through the use of exercise progressions, and provides a clear path to improved Fitness, regardless of your starting point. From sedentary beginner to advanced athlete, this program meets you where you're at.

Police Officer Calisthenics. Police Officer Bodyweight Training.
About Us
Law Enforcement Strength and Conditioning Program.

My Story

Police Fitness. Police Strength and Conditioning.

In order to talk the talk,

you must have walked the walk.

Hey! My name is Jesse Barnard. I’m a former Police Officer and have been a qualified personal trainer since 2013. I am currently a student of Physiotherapy and have completed a number of tertiary studies related to exercise and fitness.

My law enforcement career began back in 2014, as a PT entering the police service. During my years in the force, I observed many of my colleagues struggling to maintain adequate fitness due to the complex nature of policing. At this time, I also began training clients outside of work, some of whom were fellow officers. I soon saw the need for a law enforcement-specific training program. I knew it had to be efficient and effective, cutting out the 'BS' and factoring in a shift worker's busy schedule. It also had to be simple, so that anyone could follow it, irrespective of fitness level or whether they have access to fancy equipment.

So, I got to work, trialing a range of different training methodologies whilst working as a police officer. During this time, I also completed further tertiary studies which led me to grow more and more passionate about the health and fitness of police officers. In 2021 I left the force to pursue physiotherapy, but my passion to help my former colleagues remained.


These years in the force gave me a deep understanding of the challenges that officers face everyday, which is why I have dedicated years of my life creating a training program that caters to this lifestyle.


"I have known Jesse Barnard since 2016 when we were shift-working cops. Jesse has always been passionate about health and fitness. His enthusiasm for helping his colleagues improve and maintain fitness was evident from when we first met. In 2019, as a busy shift-working, uni-studying single mum, I approached Jesse to help me with a workout program to complement my passion as a runner. Jesse wrote me a simple to follow but effective bodyweight program which I still refer to, many years later! Jesse genuinely cares about the athletes he works with and I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy while living a tiring and often unpredictable lifestyle.” 

Rachael Perigo

"Would highly recommend this program as I've always struggled to find the time and energy to workout, but this has helped me work around that and make progress. Jesse knows his stuff and has got my fitness goals back on track!”

Maclean Simpson

"I found the move to shift work really messed up my ability to stick to my regular training plan. Jesse's program is great, and I can get in and out of the gym quickly, confident I'm using my time effectively, and prioritising movements that give me the best bang for my buck. I love that the programming is flexible and I can regress to look after an injury and still have structured progressions as I build capacity.”

Libby H.

"Mad props to Jesse the creator of the Shift-Ready Program. It was difficult to find the motivation to consistently workout with my busy schedule. That was until I started using Shift-Ready. The bodyweight program is very handy for people who don't have lots of time or access to the gym. The colour coding layout makes it easy for someone like myself without a lot of workout knowledge to progress, so that I can continue to see results, which encourages me to continue working out. Also, the videos that accompany the exercises ensure that I'm not confused or injuring myself. I've been working this program since December 2022 and I've noticed postural differences, stamina increases, a decrease in body fat percentage and an increase in muscle tone. I'm feeling excited and motivated to keep this momentum up in 2023.”

Shannon Sutton

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